Crescent Bridal Hoop Earrings


Aren’t these classic blue earrings stunning!

This is my take on the earrings that were part of the traditional Kashmiri headpiece which I am set on reviving.

Of course comfort comes first with earrings, and I had to design something that wouldn’t disappoint.

These gorgeous hoops are lightweight and show off all four delicate crescents held with silver chains perfectly. The small paisley drops in classic blue enamel dangle off the bottom making it a fun addition to be worn with your bridal gear. Or perhaps for that quick catch up over brunch?

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Materials: Pure Silver. Classic Blue Turquoise Stones. Classic Blue Enamel.

Please note: Each unique handcrafted piece may vary slightly from the image displayed.



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Dimensions 8.3 × 5.7 cm

Crescent Contemporary

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