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Introducing my second Headpiece that I designed as we launch the Paisley Collection. After my Debut Crescent Collection, the Paisley is the next motif which plays a huge part in Kashmiri culture and something that I have been dreaming of including in my designs. Of course the glass ruby stones are the icing on top for this Collection. This piece was actually the very first one I drew when I started to design jewellery!

The stones are set in three joint silver circle pieces which come together with a hook and Ruby clasp at the centre back of the head to hold it in place. The delicate silver strands hang off each of the three silver paisley centred circles, with small silver cut out paisleys on each end of the strands, framing the face so elegantly. The symmetry is exquisite.

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Materials: 100% Pure Recycled Silver. Glass Ruby Stones.

Size: One Size

Please note: Each unique handcrafted piece may vary slightly from the image displayed.

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Weight 199 g


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