The Black & White Paisley Pashmina Shawl


This Shawl acts as a the perfect neutral when dressing up or down. You can easily transform from a day outfit to evening wear effortlessly. The Sozni embroidery here has been made using black & white fine silk threads which makes this handmade Shawl a classic and elegant staple for your wardrobe. Read more about Sozni embroidery in my blog here

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Composition: 100% Pashm Wool from Ladakh

Details: Hand Spun, Hand Woven & Hand Embroidered in Kashmir

Embroidery: Sozni Embroidery in fine black & white silk thread.

Shawl measurements: W: 100cm x L: 200cm

Embroidery measurements: On the length of the Shawl: 1.5cm wide embroidery on the edge of both sides. On the width of the Shawl: 2cm wide embroidery which starts 21cm in from the edge on both sides. The paisley & heart motif is 8cm x 4.5cm.

Authentication: We do not interfere with this item when it has left the workshop in Kashmir. It’s authenticity is proven by the Master Craftsman’s embroidered signature, which they hand stitch into the corner of their master piece that they have worked long and hard on.

Please note: This handmade Shawl may vary slightly from the photo in terms of colour.

Handmade in Kashmir

This item is bespoke, please read through our policy on Bespoke items here

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