A Revival of Tradition & Heritage

I have forever been inspired by the world of fashion and lifestyle; creating new trends and never letting go of classics. In staying true to my essence & Kashmiri culture, I decided to venture out and design. I wanted to revive the traditional tribal jewellery of Kashmir and bring this to the forefront of fashion. It was very important for me to incorporate the traditional heavy weight pieces that Kashmir has been renowned for & their motifs into more wearable pieces.

I have made sure that there is something for everyone to make their own and style in their own way. My debut collection of jewellery ranges from the traditional Kashmiri headpiece and oversized earrings all set for a Bride to wear on her wedding day; to that statement ring ready for a night out with the girls; to the more contemporary delicate bracelet for that all important business meeting with a subtle hint of tradition. Each piece that I have designed is special and carries a story of mine from Kashmir, waiting to be completed and continued by you and generations to come. Read more about the launch of my Collection here.

Keeping in line with my thoughts to revive and sustain the Heritage arts of Kashmir, I have finally been able to launch what has aways been a dream. Threads – a specially curated Lifestyle Collection of Wraps, Scarves, Stoles, Apparel & Home Accessories all Handmade in Kashmir. Threads brings me full circle, in helping to sustain the legacy of the Kashmiri Artisans for generations to come. Each piece is a careful investment which will last a lifetime and hold a special place as a staple in your wardrobe and home. You can read more about this on my blog here.

Shereen xoxo