Introducing the Paisley Collection

The Paisley or ‘Badaam’ as we call it in Kashmiri has been a central part of the handicraft scene in Kashmir. It is actually known to originate from Iran around the time of 221 AD and was part of a motif in the Zoroastrianism religion*. The twisted teardrop pattern of the Paisley is something that I have grown up loving, and it is this ‘Boteh Jegheh’ that I have based my next, long awaited Collection on. This is the one design which one can find on all things Kashmiri, our infamous silk carpets, clothing and handicrafts all ooze stunning Paisleys in every direction. The Paisley became more popular during the rule of the Mughals around the 17th Century in Kashmir. And now it is a longstanding motif in the world of fashion, perhaps erring on the more hippie inspired looks, but is a continuing pattern which inspires many. 

I personally find that it is a classic, timeless motif which will be around forever and in fact it is meant to represent life and eternity. It is a design which is also such an integral part of our elegant handmade Pashmina Shawls in Kashmir. ( this space!) 

One thing I did not know, which I found out during the research part of my design process, was that in Wales it is known as the ‘Welsh Pears’ and in the USA it is known as the ‘Persian Pickles’. In having the privilege of being brought up with all of these cultures as a child whilst travelling, I am so excited to include this motif as part of my childhood memories from Kashmir, bringing it full circle through the Paisley Collection.