Introducing the Crescent Collection…

Introducing the Crescent Collection

The Crescent – This beautiful motif has been an integral part of Kashmir. I can remember growing up adoring my mother’s and grandmother’s jewellery where this design of a crescent moon stood out. 

I also associate this motif with the picturesque scene I would have the privilege of seeing on my summer holidays when we would travel to Srinagar, on those lovely hot days. During the cool evenings, I would love to look out of the front window of our house from my parent’s room. There, in the distance, over looking this mass of water in the form of a Lake, called the Dal, was Dargah an ancient old mosque/shrine. Aligned directly above this was the crescent moon gleaming and shining over this beautiful and peaceful place. 

And so, years on, has now begun my journey into the revival of the Crescent motif through my debut Collection. 

I have tried to incorporate the crescent moon in each and every one of my pieces. So, if you take a closer look, perhaps you can see, that there’s a story behind each piece.