A Revival of Tradition. A Revival of Heritage.

Revive Tradition. Revive Heritage.

What inspires a person to venture out and create a whole new world of their own and along the way inspire others to follow their dream? What is it that makes one think they can do it? My inspiration stems from, amongst other things, our dynamic world of fashion and lifestyle. This world is forever changing. Creating new trends. Keeping hold of and never letting go of the good old classics. The latter is what made be think.                    

It made me push myself to bring something back into existence. Something which used to be such a classic item of Kashmiri Heritage. Something which had defined Kashmir and its culture. Something which was an icon. Something which was Kashmir’s identity.  My inner voice told me to bring it back to the forefront of fashion with the aim of sustaining this for our future generations. Kashmiri Jewellery.

I have designed each piece with true, authentic Kashmiri motifs being kept in mind making each unique piece timeless and classic. I start with a blank piece of paper and a pencil. Ideas, inspiration, history.

All these things lead my inner voice to connect with my hand which unravels my designs slowly as it guides my pencil along each page.

It never stops, because this is a revival of tradition; this is a revival of heritage.