It’s Finally Here!

So it’s finally here…

So it’s here! What seemed like such a far away dream for me has finally come true and how! I could never have imagined that I would have the opportunity to express my ideas, thoughts and inspiration through my designs and showcase them to the world! I have worked long and hard to bring a revival of a practically extinct heritage of Kashmir in the form of jewellery, to the forefront of fashion.

Each piece that you see is one that I have designed keeping in mind comfort, wearability and culture; with intricate, tribal and chic features running throughout. There is a piece that will suit everyone, and every piece has come straight from my heart just for you.

For me,  the only way I see possible to revive and sustain our Kashmiri heritage through jewellery is to make sure there is something for everyone to celebrate with at various milestones or events in their lives. Hence, I have included two distinctive collections; Bridal and Contemporary. But why stop there? You would definitely catch me wearing that stunning statement ring from my Bridal collection whilst enjoying High Tea at the Dorchester with my girlfriends! There are absolutely no limits or boundaries with fashion. Where or when you wear what you want is entirely up to you! Make your fashion statement how you want to! But for the sake of dividing up my whole range of jewellery, I felt the only way to do this was to place the more bigger, heavier and tribal looking pieces in the Bridal Collection and the more smaller and delicate designs in the Contemporary. I actually know some friends who would in fact wear some of the pieces in the Contemporary Collection to their own wedding and vice versa.

The choice is entirely up to you and what makes you comfortable; you define yourself and your style.

Have fun with it!